Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No parking for Disabled?

Why did they have to "park" snow in the Disabled parking spaces closest to the entrance to the Maplewood NJ Transit Station on the Maplewood Village side? Many of the people with the "Disabled" designation for parking are in my age group, Seniors. Maybe someone is thinking that the Disabled don't use these spaces often enough to warrant maintaining access in unusual snow conditions. But isn't this precisely when the Disabled need them even more than in normal conditions?

Here are three views of two of the three Disabled parking spaces:

No parking for Disabled? #1

No parking for Disabled? #2

No parking for Disabled? #3

And here is a view of the third. Maybe they were thinking the Disabled would be riding a motorcycle?

No parking for Disabled? #4
Update January 23rd:
Disabled parking space cleared!

The snow has been cleared from the disabled parking spaces after we brought the problem to the attention of local web media. Mary Mann, Editor, Maplewood Patch forwarded our note about the problem to the DPW:
I've forwarded your note to the DPW director. I don't have a plow (but I'm thinking I should get one!).

Mary Mann
Editor, Maplewood Patch

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