Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting my hair cut reminds me ...

I got my hair cut on Saturday afternoon at the Village Barbers, my regular barbershop in Maplewood Village. It reminded me of the exceptional merchants and businesses we have here in the town where I have lived the past eight-plus years.

Besides the Village Barbers, there is Maple Leaf Diner—where I will go to have breakfast with an artist friend later this morning as a frequent event; Bagel Chateau—where on a typical weekend I will pick up a baker's dozen of mixed bagels; Maplewood Wine and Liquor—where I buy beer, wine, and alcohol for friends (Note: I no longer consume alcoholic beverages.); Kings Supermarket—where I buy our (the household's) fresh fruit & veggies, including bagged lettuce, from their produce section, and our sliced lunch meats from their delicatessan; Kororo, a wonderful gift and stationery store—where a friend worked part time for several years and I go for that unique gift for a close friend or family member; and Village Coffee—where I have that occasional meeting "for coffee" to help grease the wheels of some project.

There are other establishments in Maplewood Village where I occasionally shop or eat. For example there is Maplewood Theaters, the local movie house where I still can be enticed into paying an exorbitant—for me—price to watch something I think might be good in the movie theater format. But the above is a pretty good list covering one of the shear pleasures of living in Maplewood, away from modern malls and other huge retail complexes.

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